TifQuik Bahia Grass

What is it used for?
How it was developed

What are the best growing conditions? 
What’s the seed rate?

Tifquik Bahia Grass

What is TifQuik Bahia Grass used for?

Forage growers like to get a head start on weeds and lengthen their forage production season. So the Crop Genetics and Breeding Research Unit in Tifton, Georgia developed a new bahia grass that does just that.

Released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the University of Georgia, TifQuik has great potential as a forage grass in the south eastern states. It was developed to have reduced hard seed and thus faster germination and field establishment than other bahia grasses. This means that a pasture seeded with fast growing TifQuik grass seed will be covered sooner, and grazing or hay removal can be carried out earlier - with higher initial yields.

TifQuik Bahia also greens up in the spring faster than other bahia grasses providing early grazing, increased pasture forage and hay production. In addition, hay harvests may be made several times during the growing season of TifQuik bahia grass.

TifQuik is particularly valuable to growers who want to include bahia grass in a sod-based rotation system with row crops such as peanut and cotton in the south eastern U.S. Bahia grass has been shown to reduce nematode and disease problems in subsequent crops, and it gives many forage growers another way to make their operations more efficient and profitable.

How it was developed

Existing bahia grass cultivars have a considerable amount of hard seed and therefore need two to three weeks to establish a full stand. During this time, weeds may infest the pasture, and moisture for forage seed germination may be restricted.

In developing TifQuik, the main factor in the selection of plants was fast germination. It took four years to achieve the desired qualities. During each cycle, enough seed was planted from the previous one to obtain 1,000 seedlings that germinated within the first week. Seedlings were transplanted to clay pots in the greenhouse and then to a fumigated field to establish a nursery. The four cycles were completed in 2002, and the seed from 2002 was used to establish greenhouse germination tests and a replicated field test.

 In the field studies, quick growing TifQuik grass seed emerged about 75% faster after one week than Tifton 9 and Pensacola, another commonly used forage bahia grass. After four weeks, TifQuik plants were taller than both Tifton 9 and Pensacola. Dry-matter yields of TifQuik were two times higher than Tifton 9 and four times higher than Pensacola for the first clipping, which was done two months after planting.

What are the best growing conditions for TifQuik Bahia Grass?

Planted in early to mid-Spring, TifQuik has shown to germinate in soil temperatures as low as 55°F, making it very useful in early spring planting. TifQuik is not tolerant of overgrazing and this will cause some loss of grass and encroachment of weeds. Grazing management should allow for a re-growth of six inches between grazing. Therefore, rotational grazing is recommended with TifQuik Bahia.

What’s the seed rate?

Planting instruction:

    •    Plant at 25 lbs. to 30 lbs. per acre

    •    Recommended to drill from ¼” to ½”

TifQuik Bahia comes in a 40 lbs. bag priced at $240

*Prices subject to change without notice

Seed Growth Area

Map of TifQuik Bahia Grass Seed Growth Area

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"At the BWI Apopka Florida facility we had an area, quarter to half acre, that needed quick coverage.  This summer in June we planted TifQuik.  It preformed exactly as advertised.  Germinated in 3-5 days and had excellent establishment within 2-3 weeks.  We were very impressed.  We're recommending TifQuik to our dealers and inventorying it as a stocking product."
Jim Lange, Division Manager, BWI Companies

In my opinion TifQuik is the best Bahia grass seed on the market. It exceeds all other Bahia grasses by far. The germination on it is outstanding!"

Rodney Weekley, Of R&W Sod, FL